I've been composing for media for over 10 years. My music spans a wide variety of moods and styles, although I have a special place in my heart for minimalism and chamber groups. I'm also a huge nerd for interactive music — nothing is more exciting to me than figuring out systems for combining music layers and segments to create a unique listening experience for each user.

I love collaborating with people who are making cool things. If you need music for your game, animation, film, podcast, or other media, let's talk! Reach out at megan@megancarnesmusic.com

For the tech nerds: I use Cubase, Wwise, and Unity.

Speaking, writing, audio community work, etc.

  • GDC - Speaker, “Game Composer's Toolbox: Interactive Music Tips & Tricks” (2022)
  • Audiokinetic - Guest, “Wwise Up On Air” (2021)
  • VGMtogether - Speaker, "Piecing it Together: A Deep Dive Into the Interactive Music Systems of Divinuet” (2021)
  • Game Audio LA - Co-organizer (2018-2020)
  • High Score - Panelist, “Where The Music Leads - Music Based Gaming” (2020)
  • GDC - Panelist, “Making It Happen: Creating Their Own Games” (2020) [canceled due to COVID]
  • Audiokinetic - Blog Contributor, “The Generative Music Systems of Divinuet” (2019, 2020)
  • GameSoundCon - Panelist, “Making It Happen: Creating Their Own Games” (2019)
  • Faking Notes - Podcast Guest (2019)
  • Bards of Gaming - Podcast Guest (2019)
  • Rock Out With Your Cart Out - Podcast Guest (2019)

Recognition & such


  • Spillprisen 2020- Best Audio (HELHEIM HASSLE) [with Sondre Jensen, Oda Tilset, and Ali Cedroni]
  • Tropfest 2018- Best Original Score (I'M STILL HERE)
  • T.O. Webfest 2018- Best Music (THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!)
  • Southern Short Awards 2017- Award of Merit for Original Music (SPACEMAN)


  • Ozark Mountain Webfest 2018- Best Overall Music (THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!)
  • Rio Webfest 2018 - Best Soundtrack (THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!)
  • Vancouver Webfest 2018- Best Original Score (THIS IS DESMONDO RAY!)


  • Featured game, itch.io recommends (2019, INTER-VIEW)
  • Featured artist, Sainte Magazine (2018)
  • Participant composer, highSCORE New Music Festival (2012)
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